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Deep Trade

Platform for cryptocurrency neural trading


Accessibility is a practice that allows our platform to be used by as many people around the world as possible to improve their well-being.


The algorithms and tools of our platform are aimed at achieving the maximum benefit for our clients, excluding additional costs and expenses.


The neural network of the DEEP TRADE platform works and trains as part of trading strategies that eliminate high risks and minimize losses.

Who Is Our Platform For?

The DEEP TRADE platform suits everyone without exception. One of the main goals of the platform is to simplify access to cryptocurrency trading for everyone.

In everyday life, it's difficult for any person to start successful cryptocurrency trading from scratch, relying on only one desire. If you decide to start trading cryptocurrencies, you should have a large knowledge base and basic trading skills.

DEEP TRADE helps to avoid all the complexities, nuances and losses. You can start trading even without minimal skills using our platform right now!

Using the Platform

Anyone can create a personal and anonymous account on the DEEP TRADE platform. Creating an account and using the platform doesn't obligate you to anything. Platform tools are provided free of charge.

The main tool of our platform is the DTT (Deep Trade Terminal) trading terminal. With it, you can trade automatically. DTT is based on the author's Deep Neural-Network Trading System neural network. Its main task is break-even trades with cryptocurrency pairs.

The Deep Neural-Network Trading System neural network completely performs all trading operations in automatic mode: it analyzes, makes decisions and selects cryptocurrency pairs with which you can trade in the short term. Also, the neural network is constantly trained and corrects algorithms in real time.


Cryptocurrency trading is the foundation of our platform. We use the author's neural network, the development of which began in 2009, when few people knew about neural networks and machine learning.

In recent years, we have been able to achieve our goals thanks to the rapid development of technology, and in fact, bring neural network trading to break-even trades.

Only 61 developers in the world have algorithms and mechanisms for training and work of the Deep Neural-Network Trading System neural network, but none of them has 100% of all the final information. Therefore, our security and privacy policy has been stable for many years.

Principle of operation

The most important principle of the platform is the anonymity and safety of our clients. We don't collect, store or distribute personal information of our clients.

Similar rules also apply to the internal policy of the platform in order to prevent leakage of algorithms and source code of our platform. We can provide public access to only a few basic trading algorithms, on which the work of the neural network is based:

Day Trading: in this trading option, our neural network is based on deep and fast technical analysis, which helps to choose the best assets to work with. Several types of cryptocurrencies are selected for trading based on it.

Scalping: Scalping is cryptocurrency trading on super short time frames. The neural network opens and closes orders in just a couple of seconds. Neural network based technical analysis tools are used for such trades. Only it will help you predict price changes in a short period of time. The profit from such trades is small, but if you receive it daily, then your income will grow very significantly.

Trading. Working with the Terminal

Let's take a closer look at how our platform works. Below you can see an example of a working platform terminal:

Terminal ID: 6CDF75A9

Starting capital: 5000 USDT
Profit: 9.65444%
Profit: 45.57848 USDT
Activation date: 10-06-2023 (11:17:39 ) UTC+0
Deactivation date: 10-06-2024 (11:17:39) UTC+0
Profit taking: 10-07-2023 (11:17:39) UTC+0

Terminal history

  • Title:
    • Terminal ID;
    • Work indicator;
  • Chart:
    • Animation of the terminal work (not statistics);
  • Finance:
    • Terminal capital;
    • Profit in % (for the last reporting period);
    • Profit in USDT (for the last reporting period);
  • Data:
    • Date and time of the terminal activation;
    • Date and time of the terminal deactivation;
    • Date and time of the next reporting period;
  • History:
    • Navigation of terminal working stats (data on completed reporting periods);
  • Hash:
    • Technical information for our specialists (used for analytics, validation of trades, system debugging);

Getting Started

First you need to register a personal account on the platform. After that, you will get access to the platform control panel free of charge as part of your personal account.

In the control panel, you can top up your internal account using one of the available methods. After crediting the funds to the internal account, you will be able to activate the terminal. The minimum amount to activate the terminal (trading capital) is only 100 USDT, the maximum amount is 10,000 USDT.

The amount of terminal activation is directed to the general working pool of the platform. Within a few hours, your terminal connects to the neural network and other terminals of our platform, and then your terminal starts trading.

The results of the trading activities of the platform are distributed in proportion among the entire pool of terminals and are recorded in the history of the terminal instantly. The result of a trade can be with a positive or negative balance. Detailed stats of trades is available in each active terminal.

The terminal working period from the moment of activation is 6 months. Profit taking for each active terminal is every 7 days, starting from the date of terminal activation. At the end of the reporting period, the result of trading activity for this period is credited to the internal balance of your account. If you have a positive balance, you can send funds to activate new terminals or withdraw them to your own account. If the trading session of the terminal in the reporting period led to a negative balance, it remains until the next reporting periods, and the profit taking amount will be 0.00000 USDT.

During the terminal deactivation date, the trading capital is returned to the internal account of your account with the possibility of withdrawing to a personal account.

The number of available slots for activating terminals may fluctuate during the day depending on the current load of the platform network. In total, you can activate an unlimited number of terminals per account. The results of trading activities of all terminals will be accumulated on your internal account.

The terminal aims to achieve the maximum number of break-even trades with a minimum risk to profit ratio. It's not possible to estimate, let alone guarantee a specific figure of profit, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Today, the results of the trading activity of the neural network tend to ~29.591% profit for the reporting period. The terminal working report for the entire period is always available in the control panel in the Terminals section.

Analytics of the platform trades for today

Analytics of the platform trades for week

For partners and agents

We are interested in the regular and active development of the platform around the world. The neural network will steadily develop and improve due to a larger number of clients, thereby achieving significant results in trading activities.

The DEEP TRADE PARTNERS (DTP) affiliate program is designed to support the growth and development of the platform. It allows anyone to promote and advertise our platform, receiving rewards for this.

To start an advertising campaign:

  • Register an account;
  • Get a personal advertising link in your personal account;
  • Start an advertising campaign with your affiliate link;

Remuneration for advertising campaigns is accrued according to this system:

RankTotal active clients in your advertising campaignYour percentage of reward for activating terminals
Manager1-9 active clients9% commission (from the total capital of the client's active terminals)
Agent10-24 active clients10% commission (from the total capital of the client's active terminals)
Director25-49 active clients11% commission (from the total capital of the client's active terminals)
Partner50-99 active clients12% commission (from the total capital of the client's active terminals)
Ambassador100 or more active clients15% commission (from the total capital of the client's active terminals)

Clarifications on the affiliate program

Active clients are platform users who have activated at least one terminal.

Commission fees are the amount of remuneration, which is charged as a percentage of the capital amount of the activated terminal by your client.

You are not required to activate the terminal or replenish the balance in order to receive payments under the affiliate program. The minimum withdrawal amount from the affiliate program without active terminals is 10 USDT. The minimum withdrawal amount for partners who have at least one active terminal is 10 USDT. Detailed stats on the work of your affiliate program is always available in the control panel in the For Partners section.

In advertising campaigns, the use of SPAM advertising methods, phishing and similar tools is prohibited.

Infinity Trade

As part of the development of the platform, a system of additional structural profits Infinity Trade (IT) is provided. This system allows you to receive an additional 50% profit from the operation of your clients' terminals, in the range of 5 structure levels.

LevelYour %Description
1 LVL10%every time at the time of profit taking, for all active terminals of your clients
2 LVL10%every time at the time of profit taking, for all active terminals of your clients
3 LVL10%every time at the time of profit taking, for all active terminals of your clients
4 LVL10%every time at the time of profit taking, for all active terminals of your clients
5 LVL10%every time at the time of profit taking, for all active terminals of your clients

Each of the five levels of the structure will regularly bring you additional income in the amount of 10% of your clients' profits. The Infinity Trade system works on an ongoing basis, accruals are made at the time of profit taking on the client terminal, until the terminal your client is active.

To activate the Infinity Trade system and receive accruals, you must have at least one active terminal. The volume and frequency of receiving accruals through the Infinity Trade system are unlimited.


Who can become a client of your platform?

Absolutely any adult (within the law of your country) person. We don't and will never restrict access to the platform for any reason, except in cases of negative impact on the business reputation or security of the platform.

How to become a client of your platform?

You need to go through a simple registration procedure that doesn't require the provision of personal data.

What is required to register on the platform?

You will need one of the cryptocurrency addresses (wallets): USDT-TRC20, USDT-ERC20, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC or TRX. Nothing more is required from you, not even an e-mail address. After registration is completed, you will receive a seed phrase consisting of 12 words. The seed phrase is the only way to regain access to your account if you lose your password. It's also the immediate key to your finances. Write down and store the seed phrase in a safe place, as it can't be restored.

How and where can I get a cryptocurrency address?

You can use the following cryptocurrency exchanges to quickly access cryptocurrency addresses: BinanceBitMEXKraken etc. Also, you can use apps such as: MetaMaskTrustWallet etc.

How to use the platform?

Create a personal account on the platform, activate the terminal and get your profit!

What is the terminal and how does it work?

This is the main tool of our platform. With it, you can trade automatically. After the terminal is activated, it will work for 6 months. Every day, the neural network conducts a number of trades, distributing profits among the pool of terminals automatically. Detailed stats of trades, both daily and for the entire period of work, is available for each terminal. Profit taking of terminals occurs once every 7 days, starting from the activation date of your terminal for 6 months. After 6 months, the terminal will be deactivated, and the capital will return to your internal account.

What is the minimum amount required to activate the terminal?

The minimum amount to activate the terminal is 100 USDT, the maximum amount is 10,000 USDT. These funds are credited to the working capital of your terminal.

Is it possible to deactivate the terminal early and return the capital?

Yes, there is such a possibility. By clicking on the indicator of the active terminal, you will receive a system notification of early deactivation, agree to the terms and make your choice. If a decision is made to deactivate the terminal early, the capital is returned to the balance instantly.

Are there any limits on your platform?

There are several limits: the minimum amount to replenish a personal account is 10 USDT, the maximum amount is 100,000 USDT. The minimum amount for withdrawing funds to a personal cryptocurrency address is 10 USDT, the maximum amount (per transaction) is 100,000 USDT. The fixed fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency is 2.5 USDT. The minimum processing time for a withdrawal request is 15 minutes, the maximum time is 48 hours, 24/7.

What payment tools are used on the platform?

At the moment, we only work with cryptocurrency: USDT-TRC20, USDT-ERC20, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, TRX.

Is it possible to earn on the platform without activating the terminal?

Yes, it's quite possible for the development of the platform. We have an affiliate program that allows you to earn in an active way. See For Partners and Agents for details.

Is it legal to use the platform?

We do not transfer or disclose information to third parties. All your actions on the platform are governed by the laws of the country in which you are located. You are responsible for making your own decisions about the use of the platform, based on applicable law and the tax regime in your taxpayer jurisdiction.

Why is the platform publicly available?

The main goal of our platform is the development and training of the neural network, for which we need a regular increase in the number of trades. The more clients and partners, the better and faster the learning and improvement of the neural network.

How to contact support?

Support is available in the control panel. You can create a request to one of our departments, describing your question or suggestion. Your request will be considered within 24 hours, after which you will receive a response in your personal account.

Where can I read the latest platform news?

All important news is published on a specialized resource Deep Trade News, for security and regular availability, the news resource is located on a dedicated server.

Sometimes I see a platform update notice, what does that mean?

This notification appears for a period from a few seconds to several hours. At this time, the platform is undergoing algorithm adjustments, analytical calculations and other technical platform updates. During the update, trading and other operations are not carried out.